This week we have a guest post by the ever-awesome Bridget Carney! Here’s a glimpse into what a new-comer to the program can expect. Read on!


“I really don’t think I’ll ever squat again,”

These were the words I uttered to my chiropractor, Dr. Nick Patterson, at Dig Deep Chiropractic and Massage. I couldn’t help but bite my lip,  my natural coping mechanism for pain (ESPECIALLY my low back), which I’ve been dealing with since I was 18.

Dr. Nick assured me that I’d be safe and sound with Purebred Athletics (an all-encompassing fitness and wellness center that shares the practice with Dig Deep). He told me about Caleb (AKA “Leb”, one of the owners) and the rest of the crew. You’ll receive smiles and warm hellos the second you walk in the door from Ian (or “Soft Tissue Wizard” due to his exceptional massage skills), trainers Ryan, Lexi (Caleb’s beautiful fiancée), Jenna , Susan and Kassy, in addition to Danielle, another massage therapist.

Roughly 30 seconds into your visit, you’ll feel like you have five new bff’s, your worries vanished, and a feeling of hope that you might not be in pain for the rest of your life (Yay!)

After just a couple sessions with Dr. Nick, I found myself on the fitness floor with Ryan, learning exercises and techniques to help aid in restoration for my back issues. I mentioned to Ryan I was interested in the gym, but wasn’t sure of myself due to my injuries, the drive from my home, etc.. Truthfully, I found it all a little bit intimidating at first. Enter Caleb.

Pro tip #1: never let Caleb Nelson sense that you’re doubting yourself even the slightest bit.

“What are your self-limiting beliefs? How can I help you overcome them?” he asks.

Caleb had me convinced that, if I wanted to.. I could probably end world hunger tomorrow. Ryan calmed my nerves with all the “wow I feel like the new kid in class” jitters, and I was sold.

Let’s not sugarcoat.. Purebred is an investment from every angle. But what is more worth investing in than your mental and physical health? A place where you can feel good, feel welcome, and look awesome? Priceless.

I learned quickly that at Purebred, you’re set up for success. You’re not just placed into a situation where you’ll fail.. And most certainly not place into a situation where you can get hurt.

I learned of a program called “Foundations.’

Foundations set my “17 years of sports, been lifting since I was 10,” ego packing real quick. It was back to the basics and although I felt like I was a little “too cool” for this beginners program, this team had gained my trust and I was ready to dive in head first. Not only do you learn “fitness,” but proper techniques on how to use your body. You move differently. You breathe differently.

Learning throughout Foundations was wonderful, but it was my first two “real classes” outside of foundations that proved to me that I was, in fact, in the right place.

My first class, at 5:30 AM, Ryan paired me up with a woman who, with open arms, showed me everything she knows and pushed me harder than anyone else who’d known me for 15 minutes would. In this 5:30 AM workout, I found out that I didn’t sign up for a gym, or a fitness regimen.. But I signed up for a community. Walking out of that Friday morning class I felt good, but still not completely confident.

“We haven’t done heavy squats yet,” I thought to myself.

On Day 1, Caleb instructed us on how he wants our squats to look, but I performed them quickly and with a lighter weight. I knew my new “low bar” back squatting technique, but wasn’t sure how it would be when I was lifting heavy.

That following Monday, I entered the gym for my first day of squats. Paired up with the same awesome woman I had been partners with Friday morning, I got under the weight, squatted, and felt a wave of relief come over me.

“It.. doesn’t… hurt….?” I was saying in my head while performing the other exercises, and I spent the rest of the workout moving in different ways trying to see if it was too good to be true.

Sure enough, I left that day pain free.

You’ll find that your first few weeks at Purebred might be slighting intimidating from time to time, but the second you’re in the presence of not only coaches, but other members as well, you’ll feel like you’ve been there forever. Inevitably, you’ll be sore and even a little bit tired. Challenges are part of the process of growth.

Luckily, you’re surrounded by professionals who not only help you with physical recovery, you’re also offered all the emotional support you could need.

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