Before someone joins our gym, we always sit down with them and find out who they really are and what they’re all about. Quite frankly, we just don’t want negative people who aren’t motivated and are negative around our amazing members.

In the first conversation, I always discuss how our membership includes unlimited classes, but also includes our member portal for full nutritional support. It includes a meal plan, recipes, and education. Not to mention, you’re paired up with a staff member who will support and guide you through the whole process.

Whenever I have this discussion, I’m always told about all the “other diets” that our prospective member has tried, and I do my best to not shake my head and say “diets don’t work! This isn’t a diet!” Time and time again, I’ll have this discussion, and feel it’s necessary to lay out the truth about diets, why they fail, and how our system is so, so much different from a diet.

Satiating Meals

Often times, when it comes to a diet, you’re told to weigh this or track that. You’re allowed to eat these kinds of foods but not those kinds of foods. This often results in the “dieter” becoming so hungry, and feeling so restricted, that they just completely binge and fall off the wagon all together.

With our meal plans and recipes, we’re just making suggestions and providing full, yummy meals for the whole family. Our recipes are unique and delicious, and keep our members full the entire day, eliminating the desire to binge on unhealthy snacks.

Constant Support

Your life support specialist will walk you through your entire meal plan, cheering on your successes and offering support on those days that just feel a little more tough than normal. When people diet, they often fail because they don’t hold themselves accountable or feel lost when things get difficult. We think it is important that if we are going to be offering a meal plan to our members, that they have a mentor there with them throughout their journey.