We know, with warmer weather comes picnics, graduation parties, and days out on the boat… which often can mean beer, mac salad, and cheeseburgers. All of which are wonderful, until they are present in our lives a little too often leaving us feeling bloated, groggy, and overall.. Like a slug.

We’ve compiled our top three tips on helping you stay “on the wagon” as we enter the summer months to keep you looking and feeling the way you deserve.

Sweat Every Day

Whether you’re hitting a WOD with us, taking a long walk outside with the dog, or jumping around on your trampoline with your kids, make sure that you’re intentional about breaking a sweat every single day to get your heart rate up and purge toxins in a healthy, fun way.

Up The Water Intake

We talk about this a ton, but it truly is so important for many reasons. The first is because we want more than anything to keep you hydrated and safe. But, also, it helps to flush toxins and rid your body of any inflammatory foods or drinks you might have indulged in. Additionally, it makes you feel more full for a longer period of time, eliminating the desire to reach for a random, last minute snack.

Start With Veggies

Before diving into the buffalo chicken dip or your favorite chips, head over to the veggie platter and full your body with some nourishing micronutrients. This way, although you’ll have consumed your favorite flavor of ice cream or your favorite cocktail, your body will feel a little better and you’ll experience better digestion since you’ll have made sure to get some extra nutrients in.