If you’re someone who shows up to your WOD two minutes before, and leaves immediately after, we encourage you to read this article in an effort to no longer neglect mobility, especially foam rolling.

A gym decorated with foam rollers, we at Purebred Athletics take the recovery of our athletes more seriously than almost anything. Although it may feel like a daunting task, the benefits of foam rolling each day outweigh the extra time commitment.

Prevent Injury

Foam rolling your muscles, or performing myofascial release, prior to and after a workout can prevent injury, inflammation and muscle soreness before they even begin. Instead of waiting to treat an injury, add foam rolling to your pre and post workout routine to avoid it all together.

Improve Flexibility

Although stretching can be used as an excellent tool in improving flexibility, it is important to apply pressure to the muscles (similar to a massage). Whether you are a runner, perform heavy lifting exercises, or spend your entire day at a desk, your muscles are constantly being shortened and tightened, both of which can be taken care of by foam rolling.

Speed Up Recovery

Many athletes find that they are plagued with muscle soreness for multiple days following a workout. By applying pressure and rolling out those tighter areas, myofascial release can keep inflammation at bay and get you back in the gym much faster.