Hybrid coaching is hands down our most affective method of weight loss accountability. We’ve been confident in the results our clients are receiving for quite some time now.. but when we got Jessi’s feedback, we were absolutely blown away.

You see, Jessi told us her goal was to get back into her favorite dress in one year. What shocked us was the message we got from her 6 days after she started coaching.

“I think I’ve got to pick a new dress…” she said. After just 6 days of dialing in her nutrition, she was already in the dress she was hoping to fit into NEXT YEAR! With her hybrid coaching membership, Jessi’s coach checks in with her multiple times per day and makes sure she NEVER feels alone.

“Thank you so much for your encouragement and nudging me to see that I”m in control and I’ve got this! I mean come on.. down 6 lbs! I was beginning to think it wasn’t possible. I was totally stuck. “