We often get questions about how to become successful on a health journey or a lifestyle change. People want to know how they can lose weight, improve their energy, and feel better overall. The truth is, we can give you all the tools you need: meal plan, fitness routine, and even an accountability buddy to get you through the process. But, if you don’t have this one thing, this all will never be sustainable.

You need to enjoy the process.

You need to get excited about heading into a WOD and celebrating what your body can do. You’ve got to love grocery shopping for whole, nourishing meals and meal prepping recipes that are going to make you a healthier version of yourself from the inside out. You need to embrace the fact that you’ll be heading to the bathroom constantly because you’re THAT hydrated. If you don’t enjoy the process, you’ll never be able to continue it.

So, we’re encouraging you to make the mindset shift today. Instead of dreading a workout, get excited to build strength and condition your body. Instead of wishing you were able to eat all the pizza and brownies, get excited about the excess of nutrients you’re feeding yourself.

It’s all in the mindset, folks. Love your body and your body will love you back.