Often times I’m approached by a friend or a gym member who says to me somberly, “I’ve fallen off the wagon and I need to get back on track.” Trust me, I get it and I’ve been there. But here’s the truth: if you stop looking at your pursuit of health as a wagon that you need to stay on, and more like a journey that you’re always on, you can never feel like you truly have ruined anything.

For example, if you were getting a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning and on your way to the couch, it spilled.. You wouldn’t make more cups of coffee and spill them, you’d clean the coffee from the floor and move on with your day.

This is how you need to look at your relationship with health and fitness.

If you choose to have the brownies in the break room for Sharon’s birthday, don’t cancel your WOD and head down to the local deli for a double decker BLT and chips. Instead, drink your water and have the lunch you packed! Just because there was one small mishap doesn’t mean your entire day is ruined.

When it comes to your health journey, you’re the only one who will decide how it goes, no matter how many tools you’ve been given. It is your decision if you are successful and it is your decision how you react to your choices and your surroundings. So, this weekend when you have the glass of wine and the slice of pizza, have an equal amount of water, get a good nights sleep, and break a sweat the next day.

So, the answer is actually very simple: doing the “next right thing” is the best way to stay on that wagon.