Looking to lose weight without rocking the boat too much or making drastic changes? Forget the idea of getting rid of all of your favorite foods or spending hours and hours on end in the gym. Instead, adopt these small habits and changes and implement them into your every day routine, and you’ll notice much more significant changes than you’d imagine.

Pay Attention To What You’re Eating

For a couple weeks, keep a food journal that tracks not only what you’re eating, but how those foods make you feel as well. Over time, it’ll become clear to you what makes you feel bloated, what makes you feel low energy, and what makes you feel amazing! As you make these discoveries, you’ll slowly eliminate foods that not longer serve you, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

Move Whenever You Can

Whether its taking the stairs, parking far away, stretching while watching TV, or turning regular meetings into walking meetings, adding a little bit of movement and activity into very day will not only increase energy and mental focus, but will aid in your weight loss journey as well.

Pack Your Own Lunch

Not only will your bank account thank you, your waistline will as well! Every night before bed, pack a healthy lunch and any other snacks you think you might need. This will eliminate the possibility of reaching for something unhealthy, or heading over to the local sandwich shop with your co workers.

Water, Water, Water!

Drinking a gallon of water every day will help to eliminate waste and help you stay full! Yes, you’ll be running to the bathroom all day, but trust us.. it’s worth it!