Ahhhh.. the holiday season. A few week span where it’s easy to completely disregard your normal, healthy habits and take advantage of every opportunity you can to completely indulge in all the treats and all the alcohol.

While thoroughly enjoying yourself in moderation is an important pillar of overall health, we’ve compiled our top tips to help you stay healthy, stay happy, and enjoy the holiday season in full.

Ditch The “All Or Nothing” Mentality

Let’s say you attend a holiday party on a Friday night and enjoy a couple glasses of wine and some of the baked goods your friend brought. Instead of thinking to yourself, “well, the weekend is ruined because I had ‘cheat foods’ last night, so I’ll go to all out for the rest of the weekend and re-start on Monday,” jump right back into your regular routine ASAP.

Determine What Is Truly Worth It

The one family Christmas party you have every year where your grandma bakes your favorite pie is an excellent reason to indulge in a desert. And, truthfully, that one slice of pie is not going to negatively impact you. But, instead of having 3 drinks, 2 dinner rolls, and a brownie in addition to the pie, incorporate your healthy habits throughout the entire party so that you can fully enjoy that one piece of pie without guilt. That may look like still placing an emphasis on protein, veggies, and hydration, and still waking up for your Saturday morning WOD.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Food and drink with those who you love should never be compromised, but it can be done in a way that makes you physically feel well. Multiple days of sugar, alcohol, dairy, and no workouts will undoubtedly result in grogginess, brain fog, bloating, and overall feeling like garbage. Challenge yourself to tune in with your body and assess how you feel, so that staying hydrated, making greens a priority, and not missing workouts still remains at the forefront of your mind.

Stay Present & Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If you don’t completely enjoy that piece of your grandma’s pie, then why even eat it?! When enjoying these moments with your loved ones, do your best to remain completely present and, in the event you do go a bit overboard, get a good sweat in, drink a bunch of water, forgive yourself and move on!