How can you conquer an enemy you don’t understand?


Fear is nothing more than a misunderstanding and an emotional reaction to the dreaded “UNKNOWN.”

Especially as we progress through our life, and move into roles of mastery in specific areas of our life, our willingness to step outside of our current level of exposure often erodes. We get comfortable in our space. Comfortable in our routine. Comfortable in our understandable level of risk in our day-to-day.

But, as we can all (hopefully) agree with, it is only through DISCOMFORT and embracing CHALLENGES that we can avail ourselves to the opportunity for growth. Think of the last time you looked in the mirror and reflected on the ONE THING you FEAR the MOST. Dare I say, especially if you’ve been considering it in the “back of your mind” for an extended period of time, that it is exactly that ONE THING that is holding you back from the next step in your growth process as a person OVERALL.

I can personally attest to this wall of confusion. A few years ago (as many have learned), we faced a block in our progress as a business, and considering I’m the first person most people meet, I knew that I was at the forefront of that issue. When I consciously wrapped my head around this predicament, there was 3 glaring fears that I had not addressed in my life.

  1. Talking about my feelings
  2. Needles
  3. Being alone with my thoughts

As one who is entrusted by others to challenge people to overcome their own fears and obligations, I knew that hypocrisy was not an option if I wished to be worthy of that responsibility. So, the plan of action fell into place: I sought professional counseling, I set myself up for a weekly routine with acupuncture, and I joined a meditation group. All things I was afraid of, and seemingly having nothing to do with my business.

From this exercise, repeated bouts of confronting and subsequently learning, how to come to terms with the internal conflicts I was able to extract deeper lessons to managing issues that I was posed with everyday. When I simply reframed the obstacles that tormented my emotional and irrational mind, and posed them merely as problems to be objectively solved, I realized that there was nothing to actually fear but a few brief moments of discomfort and uncertainty followed by an overwhelming sigh of relief. The freedom that this availed me after each conquest left new confidence and resolute belief in myself to be able to absorb the next inevitable issue to cross my path.

The morale of the story, as many others with similar “ah-ha” testimonials with their own battles, is that shying away from your fears only prolongs the inevitable. You will one day have to confront those looming issues. Resisting the moment of truth will only make the process harder and more “painful.” My ask of today, is for you to take those reflections that came to mind at the get-go of this article, and lean into the fears. Give them some good ol’ time-under-tension respect, and see them for what they truly are. It is your choice as to whether they will hold you captive forever. It is also your opportunity to garner the magic that comes from overcoming them and to let that wisdom empower on the rest of your journey.

Leave the fear behind. Illuminate your future with your conviction. It’s better on the other side.

Much Love,


Stare down your fears

Overcome your obstacles