A large aspect of our 100 Day VeteransTransformation Program is habit building and goal setting with one of our amazing members, Dr. Michael Prezioso. Program participants are able to meet once weekly with Dr. Prezioso to work on individual goals, learn how to work toward them, and discuss or work through any and all challenges and barriers that may present themselves.

When asked about what working with our local military veterans meant to him, Dr. Prezioso responded with the following:

“I’m committed to serving those who served, something I did not have the opportunity to do. I’d never thought much about the impact of playing hard when I was young. The surgeries, screws and staples in various joints were at most inconvenient.

That changed after 9/11, when I learned all that hardware would prevent me from serving my country.

But in the words of Marcus Luttrell, you are never out of the fight. And with the enthusiastic support of Saratoga County, its Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Veterans Service Agency, and Purebred, an integrated physical and skills training program, dedicated to the health and well-being of those who served, has flourished.”

Our veterans have expressed such gratitude and have displayed an exponential amount of growth since beginning the program. We are thankful for, and honored to have Dr. Prezioso working with our program participants to give them the best possible, well rounded experience we can.