It’s easy to want to step away from a workout, grab your water, and head home to relax. We know it, because we take pride in giving you a kickass workout. With that said, it’s important you know why we stress mobilization so much, and why you should stay for the after party!

Avoid Soreness

After a workout, your muscles are left shortened and in some cases, misshaped. There is also a build up of lactic acid. These alterations are what cause soreness and stiffness, which can be rectified by stretching. Consistent stretching can also reduce the severity and frequency of muscle cramps.

Decreased Stress

Stress can result in tons of different responses by your body, such as a spike in feelings of anxiety, fatigue, or tension. By making it a priority to mobilize, you’ll see a relief with both physical and mental tension. 

Reduced Risk Of Injury

We’d like to think that this one is a no brainer — but it’s still important to point out. The role that stretching and warming up plays when it comes to prepping your body pre-workout is imperative. Why? Because cold or stiff muscles are at much higher risk of strain, rupture, or sprain. 

Increase Range of Motion & Enhance Performance

When included in a training program or overall well rounded fitness routine, regular stretching can strengthen various essential performance skills such as speed, power, and agility. Additionally, stretching and foam rolling different areas of the body like hips or shoulders will do wonders for your overall ability to move!

While we could go on and on and on about the importance of staying after your WOD and getting your stretch on, there are a few of your favorite. Have a great week, fam!