What is enough?

Reflecting on the throws of societal pressures to prop ourselves up to arbitrary standards and notions of success, it serves an amazing opportunity to ask ourselves what we truly long for. To finally decide: What do I want for myself?

Not what others expect. Not family. Not significant other. Not boss. Not friends. Not co-workers. Just you.

The longer I’ve been working with people, the more I realize how few people have actually stopped to make that decision for themselves. Sadly, I sometimes have found myself becoming the first person in a long time, if ever, to merely ask the question: What makes you happy? But… why is that?

I would beg to say it’s due to fear of the answer. The fear of the answer aligning with what your current life is playing itself out to be. Fear that you “wasted” your time following someone else’s dream. Not living your life to your fullest.

Cue the prototypical fairytale montage of the dream-life, full with white picket fence, the 9-5, and the like. These things are easy to get caught up in, and an easy to use as the excuse as pursuit of why you didn’t go for what you wanted. Not that they are bad, because that is all relative.

I have found that often many first interactions with new people revolve around this fundamental wall of perceived success. People that have found great “success” in reaching the heights of their professional career, with financial security, stability, and all the trimmings, yet there still lies a void.

There’s a tendency to feel like they’ve put off finding their fullest sense of fulfillment until all the other things on the check-list have been taken care of. I wonder if that’s truly the right framework to achieve lasting success. Perhaps walking in alignment with what you truly believe in, you can have your cake and eat it too.

What I’ve found many of these people (including myself), is the struggle of wondering if we have what it takes to go for it all. Upon further investigation though, we understand that all we need is within us. There is an innate ability we possess once we choose to believe that we are capable and we can find the resources to accomplish anything we desire that we can enact change in that direction.

So my practice this week for you is this. Let yourself off the hook. You’ve done a good job getting this far. You don’t have to beat yourself up. Then, take a moment to remind yourself that you are enough. You have the ability. You have the capacity. You are your only limiting belief to achieving what you want in this life. Make the decision to allow yourself to be successful. The right people will celebrate you for undertaking the journey. You deserve to be happy.

Much love,


Love yourself

Your cup is full