Someone asked me the other day: “Are you this happy everyday?” I reflected for a second and replied “yes.”

A few years ago, I would not have necessarily been able to say the same thing. A while ago, I made a shift, and I started a daily practice that transformed my ability to bring the energy to the table that others deserve. It boils down to this: every morning, I make a decision.

Like many, I do not consider myself a “morning person.” I used to have the luxury of rolling up to work around 11-11:30am, and proclaimed the madness of people who trained at the crack of dawn. I dispelled the notion of ever arriving at that time of day.

As fate has it, life had other plans and the early morning reality has become a now welcomed opportunity. The once begrudging notion of rubbing the sleep out of my eyes at 4ish AM has now provided an amazing lesson of mindset leading the day in the direction of my own choosing.

From the moment the alarm goes off (and my subsequent first tapping of the “sleep” button), I immediately begin my own internal “hype song.” This exercise is merely a practice in focus. Nothing but positive affirmations of the day to come (a slew of “let’s crush this!” and “I’m ready to dominate this day” and above all reflections of the faces I wish to create smiles upon in the hours to come). As simple as this sounds, this is not the easiest of endeavors, as just like the rest of humanity, I too feel fatigue, stress and the rest of the obstacles that befall the physical condition. But, what I have found, this has become a mere act of decision.

It’s a decision to put my best foot forward.

A decision to be grateful for the opportunities I have.

A decision to be happy, and to bring that happiness to the people I share my day with.

As silly as this moment seems and the notion of a personal “hype song” might seem, I discover an untapped resource and I immediately feel more awake and present. Ready to take on the day and make the difference in lives I wish to do.

My simple advice to you, start every day with your own “hype” game. Maybe you say something nice about yourself. Maybe you anticipate a great encounter you get to have. Maybe you just smile and get excited about being alive. Whatever you choose, DECIDE internally in your mind and start saying out loud that you are going to have a GOOD DAY. It will resonate and not only will you feel better, but those you encounter will absorb your positive energy and this buzz will snowball into a mountain of greatness that you would never experience otherwise. And like anything else, the more you practice, the greater your results.

Good luck and much love.


Make the decision

Find your inner strength