Are you a perfectionist?

If things don’t go 100% accordingly to plan or you can’t adhere to the “perfect” schedule do you FREAK OUT!! 🙁

Well it’s not that uncommon! Especially when it comes to the fitness and weight loss industry, there’s some very obvious tendencies that show how much we generally put off “getting better” for fear of not achieving perfection.

“I’ll start on Monday.”

“I’m getting on the bandwagon come the New Year.”

“I’ll get back on track after insert occasion.”

These notions show that we struggle adhering to healthier habits for ourselves unless it’s within the designated blocked time-frame to get the job done. It becomes self-limiting beliefs and excuses that suspend our moment of decision to take the necessary steps in the direction of success.

But, what is success? As much of the discussion across our society, I’ve noticed that most people routinely don’t know how to define what “being successful” means to them. By default, we fall into the trap of letting “others” decide for us. Cultural acceptance becomes your default means of being okay.

So, what can we do to combat this. To start, let me clarify that this is not an excuse to just start “mailing it in” when it comes to effort. What we can do, is start to aim for small little wins, that will overtime accumulate into steadier and more consistent “healthier” habits.

If you find yourself at a moment of indecision as to what to do (ie. not workout, not start eating better), start by doing SOMETHING (my suggestion is stop and do a 1-Minute Plank). This just gets the ball rolling in a positive direction, and if nothing else gets you to that “Better than Nothing” accomplishment where you would have otherwise eliminated an opportunity to be good to yourself. It’s minimal energy investment, making it less intimidating or seemingly overwhelming to take on, so you can hop to it. More than likely, you’ll get to the end of it, feel a little warmed-up, be a little more inspired, and perhaps even ask yourself what else you can do in addition!

Is it the most perfect workout ever made? No. But, it is “perfect” for you in that moment to do something that will inspire positive action. It is all relative. 3 “Okay” workouts a week for a year is much better that 1-month straight of the “perfect” program followed by 11 months of nothing.

Keep the “big-picture” perspective and you’ll realize that “better than nothing” might be the “perfect” thing.

On that note, stop everything and do a 1-Minute Plank. Ready? Go!

Much Love,


Do what you can!

Better than nothing