As I reflect on the upcoming celebration of our nation’s Independence Day, I find myself circling around the topic of leadership.

To clarify, this is by no means an exploration of politics or the landscape of the nation. No my focus for this lies far closer to home. It lies with the unique power and boundless possibility that lies within each individual.

I’m a big believer in taking accountability/responsibility for one’s circumstances, and as such, I’ve loved examining the potential that each person possesses to transform their own reality. I’ve spent much time in my career admiring the segue of a client’s focus from initially losing weight or putting on muscle to subsequently aspiring for new, unknown challenges. It’s a natural progression, right? When you’re feeling better in your body after accomplishing a goal never thought possible, you start to ask yourself: “What else is possible?!”

What we often fail to realize is this, even in those initial moments, we can inspire others to enact positive change within their own world. Just because you might not be the world’s greatest orator, or a titan of industry, or written “the book” on X subject, does not mean that our own unique path does not provide value to others looking to overcome their own struggles. In fact, YOUR story might be far more motivational that the world-renowned expert, simply because you may appear more “real.”

In a time where it is easy to feel vulnerable or lost in the expanse of the wealth of exposure at our fingertips, seeing someone close to us walk the path and can provide the most important first step of recovery: HOPE. A vision of success that seems attainable and relatable to our own challenges.

So, my challenge to whoever reads this, be BRAVE. Own your story. Don’t diminish your accomplishments, no matter how small or insignificant you think they are. And above all, SHARE. Give the love and knowledge you’ve acquired to someone in need. You both stand to gain fulfillment from the engagement, and as allies you can move forward together knowing you have at least one more person on YOUR side.

I leave you with this link to a TED Talk that has helped inspire me in my personal and professional life. Drew Dudley expresses these similar sentiments, and I hope you find the same inspiration as I did.

Much Love,


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