Who We Are


We’re a strength training gym with a focus on injury prevention and athletic performance.


Lots of gyms offer one size fits all fitness classes, have trainers who push their clients too hard, too fast, and don’t bother to correct improper technique when they see it – all of which lead to injury.

We’re not that gym.

At Purebred Athletics in Clifton Park, we care about each client as if they were family, because they are. Our members quickly become part of a community that is passionate about fitness, wellness, and creating an awesome life, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

Our team of dedicated, professional strength coaches work with clients one-on-one in personal training, as well as in small group fitness classes, to help them achieve their fitness goals in a way that’s sustainable, smart, and effective. We’re all about longevity with your fitness – no pain, no injuries, no problem.


If you’re looking to lose weight and get in shape, get back in the gym after injury, or improve your athletic performance, we’ve got trainers who can help you.


Here’s what some of our clients have said:

I’ve never gotten results the way I have at Purebred Athletics. When they tell me I can thank myself for putting in the work, I know that it wouldn’t be the same without athletic professionals taking the time to show how it’s done safely, and the encouragement of your peers around you.

Ryan Hubbard

This is not your fad workout gym. Here, you will work towards your personal goals in individual and group classes. Class sizes are small and multiple trainers are available to ensure you are safely performing the exercises. Call Purebred Athletics and change your physical house into your masterpiece. No matter what your current physical fitness level is, start your regimen safely and correctly with Purebred Athletics. I am a Purebred success:  I lost 10.2 lbs. and 18.25 inches in my first 6 weeks at Purebred Athletics.

Connie Reynolds

Ready to become a part of the Purebred family and reach YOUR fitness goals?