Sitting at a desk all day can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. From tight legs, hips, and back.. to feeling tired or unfocused. We’ve compiled our top ways to stay moving, keep your blood flowing, and keep you well in the office.

Try A Stand Up Desk

If at all possible, replace your desk for a higher one that allows you to stand while working. You’ll experience both improved circulation and posture. Even if a full day of standing seems like a lot at first, try a couple hours at a time and build from there.

Sit On An Exercise Ball

Swapping out your desk chair for an exercise ball will result in active sitting – engaging your core, legs, and back. It can even be fun!

Set Your Timer

When you get to work in the morning, set your timer for once an hour. Each time it goes off, take a walk around the office or stretch. This will keep your mind and body fresh!

Explore The Idea Of A Treadmill Desk

If you can convince your boss to allow it, the next step up from a standing desk could be a treadmill desk! Burning calories while being productive is the ULTIMATE win.

Walking Meetings

Instead of heading to the conference room for a conversation with your department, head outside! Conversations on the go can often spark the best ideas.

We understand that sometimes circumstances are out of our control, and that there may be some days what we’re much less active than we’d like to be. With that said, small changes every day can add up to an overall happier, healthier lifestyle.