Almost daily, I ask people about their water intake and the response is always the same: “I don’t hydrate as much as I should.” This prompted me to come up with five specific ways to help you get more water into your day, especially if you are busy or at work.

It’s no secret that additional water intake is good for us, but so many of us struggle to actually drink the amount of water that we know would give us more energy, clearer skin, and better sleep. Yes, I know, you’ll be running to the bathroom a little more often, but I’ll take the benefits of a higher water intake any day.

Buy A Fun Water Bottle

The best way to excel at something is to first become excited about it. Stopping at Target, TJ Maxx, or a local drug store on your way home today and purchasing a fun and fancy water bottle is a sure fire way to get you excited about soon-to-be increased hydration.

Write Down Your Intake Goals and Cross Them Off

Every day, write down how many bottles of water you want to drink on your “to-do” list. Similarly to when you cross off physical daily tasks, reaching your hydration goals will allow for instant gratification and subconsciously spark joy. Additionally, you’ll be able to visually track your goal throughout the day, making it easier to stay on track.

Infuse With Fresh Fruit

Infusing your water with fresh lemon or berries (if that’s what you’re into), will add flavor to your drink and inevitably make you want to work more fluids into your day. If you don’t have access to fresh fruit daily, frozen berries can also be a great alternative.

Choose Sparkling Water Over Soda

If you’re an afternoon soda drinker, switch over to seltzer or sparkling water as soon as you can. These drinks still allow for the beloved flavor and carbonation, but they also result in less sugar/calories/chemicals, in addition to increased hydration.

Drink A Cup Before You Eat Lunch

Drinking a cup of water before you have lunch creates the daily ritual where you know for sure you’ll be taking a step towards your daily intake goal. Try to find other ritualistic times during the day that you can work in a cup of water as well!