We talk a lot about the importance of protein intake, but we don’t hear too much about how to actually get an adequate amount of protein into our diet without drinking tons and tons of protein shakes. While we know some find it difficult to sneak enough protein into their diet, we’ve compiled our top 5 simplest ways to work more protein into your day without completely throwing off your routine. 

Add Some Almonds

In addition to your lunch and dinner, add a handful of almonds on the side for a protein increase. This can be ontop of salads, on the side of an entree, or mixed in with oatmeal. Not only will you gain some protein, you’ll also get the benefits of both magnesium and fiber. 

Add Protein To Your Salads

While salads are a great way to get some amazing greens and other veggies into your diet, they can also act as a vehicle to get more protein as well. Whether its salmon, tuna, chicken, or steak, adding one of these protein sources is a great way to get at least 20-30 extra grams per meal. 

Start Your Day With A Protein Shake

Replacing your breakfast with a double scoop protein shake will jumpstart your day with roughly 40 grams of extra protein. While whey can be a great option for some, there are many protein powder options that are vegan friendly as well. 

Consume Peanut Butter With Fruit

Whenever snacking on some fruit, add a tablespoon of peanut butter as well. Not only will you benefit from the added protein, the healthy fats in peanut butter will slow the digestion of the simple carbohydrates in the fruit, avoiding a blood sugar spike and an energy crash. You’ll also feel more full for a longer period of time!

Snack On Some Lean Jerky

Lean jerky will add protein into your diet, but it’s important to choose a high quality version to avoid a calorie overload and make sure it’s easily digestible. Make sure the jerky you choose is grass fed, lean, and without added sugar!