Here in the digital age, many of us spend a ton of time in front of a computer screen during the day throughout the week. Check out my top three tips to keeping your body moving during the day.

Lend A Hand

Is the “water guy” bringing those large water jugs into the office? Is your office administrator setting up the conference room for a seminar? Do you have a co-worker who has a few things to carry to their car at the end of the day? Lend a hand wherever you can in order to get your blood flowing and your body movement after so much time spent sitting.

Always Take The Stairs

No matter how many flights of stairs it is, never take the elevator. Taking the stairs is the simplest method to ensure you get some movement in throughout the day. After making it a daily habit, you’ll be surprised at how great you begin to feel.

Walk At Lunch

What if you chose to eat lunch at your desk during the day, and instead chose to spend your lunch hour walking? Whatever the circumstances may be, whether your place of employment is in a “walker friendly” area or not, using this free time even to walk around your office a few times can have a significant impact on your energy and mental clarity.

We understand that it can be tough to move your body throughout the day, but making movement a daily intention will have more positive implications than you ever thought possible.