This week we get revved up and inspired to make the most of EVERY DAY of the week with some simple tips from Bridget. Enjoy!

It’s too often that I hear people complain about the Sunday scaries, or how much that they’re dreading Monday. Monday afternoons, I’ll ask people “how was your day?”  and the response is always a depressed “oh, it was Monday….”

In addition to the fact that I believe we should feel gratitude for our jobs and our lives, and what a privilege it is to drive a vehicle to and from a place that allows us to make a living, with health that allows us to exercise daily, I have compiled three pieces of tangible advice for you to implement in order to strive for a happier, more cheerful Monday.

Less Screen Time

I know the routine. The alarm will go off, and you’ll spend the next 25 minutes or so scrolling and through social media or the news. First, you’ll see Pam from high school’s highlight reel from the weekend, where she looked like she had the best time out with friends, while you know very well that you were home with the kids balancing soccer practice, laundry, and 50 dishes in the sink wondering how in the world other people seem to have it all together.

Put the phone down. Stop comparing your reality to the best, most posed and planned moments of someone else’s life.

Screen time is such a thief of joy and one of the most unproductive ways to spend your time, especially on a Monday morning. This week, I challenge you to not look at social media until lunch. Instead, think of all the things you did this weekend that made you thankful for your own life.

Make A List

Do a brain dump of everything you need to get done in the day. From tasks at work, to chores around the house. Doctor’s appointments, pickups, and everything in between. Every time you accomplish something, check it off. This element of instant gratification will make you feel more productive and subconsciously boost self esteem.

Don’t Dwell On The Fact That It’s Monday

Stop talking about the fact that it’s Monday and that you hate it. Instead, look at Monday like an opportunity to grow and improve. What can you get done this week that you wanted to complete last week, but didn’t? What can you do to work toward the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Depending on your mindset, Monday can be your favorite day of the week.