“It’s been amazing. Everyone has been so nice.”

These were the words one of our program participants used when I asked her, “so how are you liking your time with Purebred?”

I expected her to say that the workouts had been tough, or that she was learning so much about nutrition. Although these things are both very important to us, knowing that the first thing that came her mind was that everyone was nice… that was like music to my ears.

You see, you can go on google and find some workouts to do at home. You can look up ‘healthy recipes” all you want.

But here’s the thing.. You can’t google a community. You can’t find someone so relentlessly passionate and devoted to your growth and your success on the internet. Of course, we’re fortunate to have an infinite amount of resources at our fingertips 24/7.. But human connection, guys, you just can’t fake that.

When we first started putting together a program that would serve the individuals who have served is so greatly, the goal was to add value, but we really had to narrow in on exactly what that value would be.

As a fitness gym, obviously workouts, nutrition, and weight loss were going to be a huge element of it all, but what it really came down to was the people that were going to be walking through our doors. We are so humble, so proud, and so thankful to have the opportunity to give back what is a fraction of what these veterans have given to us.

We encourage all of our members to take the time to get to know our program participants and welcome them with open arms, get to know them, and make them part of our big, silly, fun and happy family.